Six Sigma is a defect reduction methodology that transforms organizations by forcing them to focus on the quality of the customer experience. The term sigma refers to deviations from an ideal level of operation, where each level of sigma, starting from one, allows for fewer defects. Sigma six, the opera

On the numbers side, Six Sigma provides CIOs with an objective,
measurable way to justify technology investments; on the karma
side, it serves as a judgment-free common language between IT
and other project stakeholders within the company..

When applied to IT operations, Six Sigma aims to measure and improve both internal processes, such as network speed and reliability, and line-of-business processes in which IT has a role, such as how well an online ordering system is working Six Sigma analysis tends to begin with the formulation of a problem statement. The methodology breaks down problem evaluation into five distinct steps: define, measure, analyze, improve and control. At each of the DMAIC steps, organizations apply appropriate tools and measures from a wide variety of choices.