Sensor deployment is one of the major concerns in multisensor networks. In recent years, multisensor deployment has been widely used in military reconnaissance, environmental monitoring, explosion-proof, disaster relief, and hypersonic flight vehicle detection, but it is difficult to achieve the coverage requirements of monitoring areas, so appropriate deployment methods should be adopted to meet the application needs. At present, there are a lot of algorithms on multisensor deployment, which are mainly divided into two categories:

1. Swarm intelligence algorithms

To aim at the global information obtained by the centralized algorithm to supplement and repair the coverage blind area, the widely used centralized coverage algorithms include genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, ant colony algorithm and some improved combination algorithms of these algorithms, and these algorithms have a variety of applications in engineering.

2 .Distributed algorithm
Does not need to obtain global information, reduces energy consumption, and has the characteristics of simple deployment and high degree of autonomy.