Our logistics network and financial services infrastructure span the globe with advanced technology & customized solutions, to help you develop, expand and analyze your business.

The future of logistics is here. Whether you are a shipper, carrier, or managed transportation client, our proprietary technology leverages the latest in AI, machine learning, and advanced load matching algorithms to create the most flexible and robust transportation management system (TMS) available today. Taurean’s industry-leading technology which is built on our cutting- edge architecture supports rapid deployment of new capabilities and integrates with shipper, carrier, and third-party systems.




Time, cost and quality are key drivers of success in global logistics. As a consequence, location is a leading consideration. Other considerations include cost and availability of suitable labor; presence and reliability of essential business partners; geopolitical and geographic risk and stability. Because global logistics connects critical components of the supply chain—from a product’s point of origin to its point of consumption—to ensure timely and efficient distribution, location is a key success factor for distribution centers, transport hubs, terminals and other infrastructure