There is a unique job inside local cybersecurity company Taurean General Services Inc. — dream manager. The people bearing that aspirational title work with employees to help them achieve goals outside of their professional careers.

Taurean — a cybersecurity company and defense contractor that builds software to defend U.S. government-controlled computer networks — has more than two dozen employees, some of whom work in its Boerne headquarters.

Facing a shallow talent pool from which to find qualified people, Taurean hired dream managers, who help employees attain greater fulfillment outside the office as a way to boost morale when they’re on the job. It’s not just about offering a career track or work-life balance but reminding and encouraging employees to pursue goals that make them happy.

“The dream manager handles the personal hopes and dreams of our team members, just like a project manager,” Taurean founder Jeff Jaime told the Business Journal. “It’s about helping people achieve stuff that’s important in their life usually tucked away in their hearts. It’s to help people become a better version of themselves. That’s how we are winning the war for talent.”

Each year the company publishes a self-described culture book that encompasses examples of its values and milestones toward its goals, which include volunteer activities like raising money to build wells in African nations.

Taurean plans to become a certified B-corporation, which is a voluntary distinction among for-profit companies that want to offer more transparency and a social and environmentally beneficial mission.

“It’s a stakeholder mentality, not a shareholder,” Jaime said about the concept of a B-corp.

There are more than 2,100 B-corps across the world, some in the technology sector. Those include managed cloud services technology business Orchestrate in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Fig Loans, a Houston-based payday loan alternative company.

Taurean was founded in 2008 by Jaime, a former program director for the CENTAUR U.S. Strategic Command Joint Task Force at the Department of Defense. CENTAUR stands for collaboration for excellence in network testing, analysis and unique research in the government’s enterprise information technology services department.