Taurean is dedicated to protecting its clients and eliminating cybersecurity threats around the world. Taurean's main objective is to "Find relevant work. Create meaningful jobs. Transform lives – For the glory of God!" While never losing focus of what is expected on a daily basis, at Taurean there is a vision that goes beyond the day to day hustle and bustle. Taurean's culture was established on five main tenets:

Family First, Dream Big, Have Fun, Achieve Forward, Give Back

The Annual Taurean Culture Book

Inspired by Zappos and their employee satisfaction levels, Jeff Jaime decided to incorporate one facet of the Zappos corporate culture: The Culture Book. Every year Taurean Team Members diligently put together a tangible collection of memories from the recent past. There are 5 key Core Values from which the Culture Committee schedules events for Team Members to volunteer, share a meal, and spend quality time together.

Below the five Core Values are described in more detail by our CEO, Jeff Jaime.

    It’s that simple. Our families’ needs are our first priority, whether it’s our family at work or at home.
    Inspired by Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager, we harness the power of dreams by partnering with our Team Members to build a bridge between their NOW and a better FUTURE.
    We cannot be the best version of ourself as a company if our people are not the best versions of themselves as individuals.
    We dedicate resources to helping identify, plan, and accomplish their dreams
    Who said it has to be all work and no play? A fun workplace increases happiness and positivity, helping each Team Member become the best version of themselves, forging bonds, and creating an environment that encourages excellence.
    The best investment one can make is in themselves. Our Team pursues excellence through reading, training, and collaborative discussions. As individuals and as a Team, we expand the boundaries of what we can accomplish and create a better version of ourselves for a better tomorrow.
    We harness the power of business to contribute to our surrounding communities through year-round “Give Back” and “Green Initiatives” as part of our commitment to deliver a positive impact on society and the environment.


Jeff Jaime

Founder And Ceo

Since founding Taurean in 2008, Jeff Jaime has served as Chief Executive Officer, responsible for all company operations, vision, and strategic planning. Jeff focuses on fostering an unparalleled company culture, enabling team members to become the best versions of themselves so Taurean can become the best version of itself. Prior to his ownership of Taurean, Jeff gained extensive experience in cyber security while serving 22 years in the United States Air Force. While on active duty as an Air Force Communications Officer, he served as an information systems security architect for the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Task Force – Global Network Operations, directing overall operations of the Joint Computer Network Defense’s situational awareness capabilities within the (DoD) Centaur Program. Jeff is a certified Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and an Information Security Specialist (ISS). He received a Bachelor of Science in Management and Computer Information Systems from Park University and a Master’s of Science in Information Systems Technology/Management Information Systems from The George Washington University (GWU), and was in the group of first inductees in the Zeta Chapter of the Alpha Iota Mu Honor Society for Information Systems. Currently, Jeff is pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Jeff is an active member of The C12 Group, an active member of Oak Hills Church, a lifetime member of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, a member of Business Executives for National Security (BENS), a certified John Maxwell Team member for Leadership, an avid reader, and a raving fan of the San Antonio Spurs!

Lisa Flener

Vice President of Business Management & Finance

Lisa Flener is Taurean’s Vice President of Business Management and Finance, responsible for all fiscal and contractual affairs. Lisa’s background includes business and financial management, corporate and strategic planning, budgeting, proposal development and negotiation, contract administration, and management and support of commercial and government programs. Her extensive experience includes oversight of multiple government programs including development and sustainment projects, compliance and reporting management and project improvement analyses. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Lisa enjoys giving back to others and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite hobby is sewing, with an emphasis on creating quilts and heirlooms.

Ana Wells

Director of Operations

Anastasia (Ana) Wells serves as Taurean’s Director of Operations. Prior to joining Taurean, Ana spent 11 years with the United States Navy, both on Active Duty and as Reservist, as an All Source Intelligence Professional supporting tactical and operational mission sets. Ana’s experience includes Operations Planning, Intelligence support to National Level programs and policies, Foreign Intelligence Exchanges, Business Strategy and Development, and Program Management. She holds an MA in Business Management and Post-Graduate Certificate in Competitive Intelligence. She is a strong advocate for Veterans’ Health and a proud member of Pets for Vets. Ana enjoys coffee, hiking, horseback riding, traveling, and coaching soccer.

Alex Barsalou

Manager, Organizational Development

Alex Barsalou is Taurean’s Manager of Organizational Development, responsible for increasing organizational effectiveness and health by implementing and leading practices that provide a Team Member-oriented, high performance culture. Alex’s background includes communications, marketing, PR and event management. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership and Development. Alex is a graduate of the San Antonio North Chamber Leadership Lab class of 2017. She is a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs, and enjoys country music and spending time with her 3 dogs!


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