The Taurean website describes founder Jeff Jaime as the one who leads team members at his cyber defense firm to become “the best versions of themselves.”

Jaime applied that message to himself Monday when he decided to surprise a few grocery shoppers by purchasing their baskets of goods for them to celebrate the Christmas spirit of giving. Jaime found himself at a local supermarket that shall remain nameless at his request to help out those in need. He wound up purchasing the baskets of goods belonging to 10 shoppers.

Taurean’s philosophy is to be an active participant in the community. But Jaime said this was something that he could do personally to help others.

“Any time you have the chance to impact the lives of others, especially during this time of the year, why wouldn’t you?” he told the Business Journal. “I grew up in the community of San Antonio and I could have been in the shoes of those we helped.”

Echoing his company’s core value to give back, Jaime said, “even the smallest act of kindness can make a world of difference.”