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Taurean strives to protect prosperity by helping to identify, pursue, and defeat cyber threats. Each year, cyber threat actors grow in number and skill with the capability and intent to steal private information, attack systems, and shut down operations.

Taurean helps ensure the prosperity of our nation by providing cyber defense products and services to protect DoD, federal, and commercial operations. See how Taurean can help bolster the safety and strength of your business.

Program Management

Taurean utilizes Program Management Processes that are in line with both the Program Management Institute and the International Organization for Standardization 9001:2015.

These organizations provide rigorous processes which guide companies toward repeatable processes, specifications, guidelines and characteristics to ensure honesty, respect, and fairness in business while enhancing the management, structure, and operations within an organization.

Taurean believes that the success for our company and our customer is built into the processes used to support, direct, manage and lead efforts and personnel toward a winning solution that meets, exceeds, or enhances stated requirements.

Software Engineering

Taurean is driven to deliver innovative software applications that meet user and mission requirements. Our in-house design Team ensures consistent and effective visualizations, thorough technical documentation, and expertly crafted presentations

Our engineers are thoroughly trained in Information Assurance principles, incorporating security throughout the software lifecycle. We design, develop, and document software systems using Java, XML, XSLT, Bash Script, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL. A few of the Tools and Resources we utilize include: Intelink.gov, Tomcat, Apache, Netbeans, Subversion, GITHUB, Red Hat Linux, MS Sharepoint and SQL Plus.

Our software products are built upon Service-Oriented Architecture concepts, enabling stakeholders to leverage our capabilities and incorporate them into their own mission requirements. We rapidly deliver capabilities and adapt to evolving mission requirements.


Supporting ACROPOLIS, our Engineers authored Defense Landscape, a real-time system monitoring the health and status of all sensing devices across the Enterprise Sensor Grid

Web-based traffic analysis system to visualize traffic volumes, port activity and other characteristics of DoD networks

Asset management system to track requirements for and deployments of network monitoring appliances across the DoD

Web-based visualization tool to monitor critical network devices and provide real-time situational awareness of network defenses across the DoD network

Systems Integration

Taurean integrates state-of-the-art sensing capabilities to provide continuous network monitoring appliances that maximize defensive posture on the digital battlefield. We have extensive experience in the collection, processing, and storage of large- scale network data. Our engineers are subject-matter experts (SME) on multiple vendor platforms. This allows our personnel to look at products and capabilities across the cyber security spectrum agnostically to meet our customer’s requirements within cost and schedule.


Early pioneers of CENTAUR

Conceived, developed, and implemented Enterprise Collaborative Operational Sensor (ECOS) capability

Test and Evaluation of sensor technologies

Multi-Tier Engineering support

CONUS/OCONUS IAP upgrades and SPE tech refresh

Trusted Internet Connections and Joint Regional Security Stack are follow-on efforts utilizing proven ECOS capabilities

Systems/Network Engineering

Taurean’s network engineers specialize in Computer Network Defense (CND). We have extensive experience building custom defenses for large-scale, high-value networks within Department of Defense (DoD) and federal civilian agency networks. Our team operates, maintains, designs, integrates, tests, and installs key capabilities in critical network sensing platforms to support the JTF-DODIN and the Warfighter.

Our engineers are SMEs on DoD network architecture and many of the network sensing capabilities currently deployed across the Enterprise. With this expertise, our team is capable of providing effective consulting services and Tier III engineering support for evolving commercial products. Our engineers plan, coordinate, and execute worldwide deployment on a routine basis.


    Designed, deployed, and maintained the ECOS, a multi-functional, enterprise class sensing platform, which revolutionized the DoD’s Enterprise Sensor Grid (ESG) architecture:
  • Key integrators of platform technologies
  • Testing and analysis of multi-functional platforms
  • Strategic deployments supporting CONUS/OCONUS requirements

Our Team Members deployed the first sensor appliance that resulted in proving the value of the Trickler record collection system. Building upon that experience, our team has been involved in numerous changes and upgrades in the way data is collected and processed across the DoD.!

Our engineers developed, researched, conducted analysis, and managed the sensor grid deployment plan, Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) sensor technologies and new technologies related to NIDS, resulting in enhanced network CND intelligence and the sustainment of backend infrastructure.

Rapid & Joint Applications Development

Our team is seasoned in Rapid Applications Development and Joint Applications Development that include a variety of best practice agile development processes and Lean Sigma Six processes

Our team has performed full configuration management over staged systems awaiting deployment, configuration baselines, updated configurations and interfaces during deployments, and sustainment of deployed systems.

Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Taurean provides Risk Management Framework services in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-37 to include security categorization, security control selection, security control implementation, security control assessment, information system authorization, and security control monitoring.

Our specialty is Assessment and Authorization (A&A) to assist our customers in obtaining Authorization to Operate (ATO), a requirement needed for any system to be brought online within a Government environment.

Cyber Intelligence

Situational Awareness


Taurean’s cyber intelligence team conducts correlation and analysis activities, leveraging numerous tools to identify, pursue, and defeat cyber threats. Our team is well versed in large-scale network traffic analysis, and has extensive experience in producing valuable intelligence.

Across the board, our team specializes in analyzing, refining, and organizing information to produce concise, actionable intelligence. Our team has expertise in many cyber intelligence capabilities currently deployed across the DoD and we have presented at numerous Computer Network Defense conferences and workshops.

  • Advanced Analysis and Training (A2T) supports NETOPS to address larger analytic concerns for the Enterprise Sensor Grid
  • Analyzing network traffic and collecting threat information to provide comprehensive network situational awareness and actionable intelligence for the Warfighter and other key stakeholders
  • Developed Traffic, a web-based network analysis tool, that provides key cyber intelligence to stakeholders across the DoD
  • Conferences and workshops supported: G-First, FloCon, CDC Technical Exchange (aka, CENTAUR Jam Session), and CND Workshop (OSD/NII)

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